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ELIMINATE WASTE — in time, money, and costly duplication of efforts in the areas of chemical procurement, receiving, and compliance.

MINIMIZE DANGER — of fires, injuries and explosions from excess chemicals, aging chemicals, or improperly stored chemicals and cleaning materials.

STREAMLINE THE COMPLIANCE TRAILso that all chemicals in your facility are properly documented, and staff is trained to handle job-related chemicals properly.

Chemcept began with environmental services in 1991, and saw many chemical management problems when we responded to high-hazard jobs around the country and internationally. We identified the cause and educated our customers, particularly researchers and purchasers, about better buying and usage practices. The result from that education was that these customers realized a 50% reduction in chemicals disposed and almost no hazardous responses. Chemcept now performs “cradle to grave” chemical management, driving cost and risk down for clients by offering an integrated approach to purchasing, receiving, inventorying and disposing of chemicals.

Chemcept experts have helped government and military units, corporations, hospitals, universities, healthcare laboratories, and small businesses to efficiently manage chemical stocks. From solving a single problem, to streamlining your entire chemical management process, benefits of economy, control, safety, and sound environmental impact will be quickly realized.

We help our clients to:

  • Structure and implement sensible policies and tasks that solve chemical management issues cost-effectively.
  • Address waste disposal issues with innovative technology.
  • Incorporate an integrated chemical management solution to fit the unique needs of their organization.

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